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Son Gets $1.5K Ticket Rushing Dad to Hospital

Trooper allegedly questioned legitimacy of man's heart attack

Parents charged with fatally beating son in New York church

Couple charged with fatally beating son in central New York church; 4 charged with assault

Flogging Case Strains UK-Saudi Relations

The case of a 74-year-old British man sentenced to 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia for having wine comes at a strained time for Saudi-UK relations.

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'DWTS' Host Tom Bergeron Dedicates Last Night's Show to His Late Father

'Dancing With The Stars' host Tim Bergeron dedicated last night’s show to his father, who sadly passed away this week.

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What Are The Best And Worst Days To Travel This Holiday Season?

If you hate a crowded airport, then you’re going to really hate traveling for the holidays, but as Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) explains, the difference between a mob scene at the airport and an empty terminal could be a simple as the day you choose to fly.

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How an Online Dating Scam Ruined a Woman's Life

'Wired' takes in-depth look at a common scheme

Clinton seeks to move past email woes in Democratic debate

Democrats Debate: Clinton seeks to move past email woes; Sanders looks to broaden appeal

Fine 15: #1 New England Patriots

The MMQB's Peter King names the No. 1 team on this week's Fine 15, the New England Patriots.

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NASA: Here's How We'll Get Humans on Mars by 2030s

It involves 3 phases, the first of which is already underway

Bush offers plan to repeal, replace federal health care law

In New Hampshire, Bush offers a 'conservative vision' of health care insurance for the future

Wild aurochs-like cattle reintroduced in Czech Republic

Recreated cattle breed closely related to extinct aurochs help save Czech biodiversity

American Nobel laureate Richard Heck is buried in Manila

American Nobel laureate for chemistry in 2010 Richard Heck is buried in Manila

Watch A Giant Panda Give Birth To Twin Cubs

A giant panda at Toronto Zoo has given birth to two cubs, the first ever to be born in Canada.

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Snapchat closes Snap Channel on Discover, layoffs expected

Snapchat winds down own Snap Channel on Discover platform, about a dozen layoffs possible

AP Exclusive: Clinton email server setup risked intrusions

AP Exclusive: Clinton's homemade server risked hacking, ran software that could be exploited

University of Washington names Cauce as president

University of Washington chooses Ana Mari Cauce as permanent president

UConn's Mac & Cheese Ranter Speaks

Luke Gatti apologizes for meltdown while 'very intoxicated'

Small plane crashes into mobile homes; at least 2 catch fire

Small plane crashes into Florida mobile home park; at least 2 homes catch fire

Minute of Silence for Ankara Victims Interrupted By Crowd

A minute of silence for the victims of the Ankara bombing was interrupted at a Turkish football game by a whistling crowd.

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Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump in Front of His Own Hotel

Hilary Clinton slams her opponent in the presidential race, Donald Trump, in front of his own hotel! Talk about a burn!

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Wow! World's Fastest Train Takes You A Mile In 10 Seconds

The Japanese Maglev train crushed its own world record by traveling at 374 miles per hour for nearly 11 seconds.

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Israel Hit By Deadly Attacks, Nearly Simultaneously

Officials suspect coordination increasing, as does violence