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FBI Seeks Guy Seen Pouring Liquid on Whole Foods Salad Bar

He was spotted sprinkling 'unknown' substance on food items at store in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Newly Discovered Jellyfish Looks Like Alien Spacecraft

A video published by the NOAA shows a Jellyfish from the Mariana Trench that looks exactly like a hovering UFO. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the details.

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J.K. Rowling Says She's Sorry She Killed Off Your Favorite Character

J.K. Rowling said Remus Lupin ultimately died so another important character could live.

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Convicted sex offender pleads guilty in ID theft case

A decades-long ordeal ruined a Texas man, but his life might start to get better now that the sex offender in Kansas who stole his identity has pleaded guilty to misusing a Social Security number

The New Home For The Ringling Bros. Elephants Might Not Be So Great

The 13 remaining performance elephants will move to a 200-acre facility in Polk City, Florida.

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Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas Spotted on a Date Night

They’re back together again. Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas reunite for a sexy date night months after they were rumored to be dating.

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Ever Wonder How Mexico Celebrates Cinco De Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a day for margaritas, Mexican cuisine, and fiestas - in the United States, anyway.

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No Sign of Florida Mom for Nearly a Week

Ex-husband to be interviewed

Hulk Hogan seeks rematch with Gawker, sues over transcript

Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan is suing Gawker again, saying the gossip website leaked sealed court documents that quoted him making racist remarks

Stuard takes Zurich Classic in playoff for 1st PGA win

Brian Stuard beat Jamie Lovemark in a two-hole playoff to capture his first-career PGA Tour triumph at the water-logged Zurich Classic on Monday

Raptors Win First Playoff Series Since 2001

Toronto won their first playoff series since 2001 after outlasting the Pacers behind 30 points from DeMar DeRozan.

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Poll: Cruz's Plan to Stop Trump Backfires Big Time

Indiana voters aren't pleased with divide-and-conquer scheme

Faulty breast implants: French court upholds 4-year sentence

A French appeals court has upheld a four-year prison sentence against a maker of fraudulent breast implants that were given to tens of thousands of women worldwide from 2001 to 2010

The Latest: Solar plane leaves California for Arizona

A solar-powered airplane has taken off from California for Arizona, the latest leg of its journey around the world using only energy from the sun

Military tests unmanned ship designed to cross oceans

The US military has begun testing on the world's largest unmanned surface vessel

We Just Got Closer to Finding Life on Other Planets

Three planets that could potentially hold life have been discovered.

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WhatsApp suspended in Brazil

The popular WhatsApp messaging service is not working in Brazil, apparently as a result of an ongoing judicial battle

Iran's nuclear chief visits Prague to talk business

The sanctions lifted, the head of Iran's nuclear program is coming to talk business with Czech leaders

US stocks rise slightly in early trade; Japan sinks

US stocks are marginally higher in early trading, recovering slightly from last week's steep declines

Bill allowing staff to be armed on Tennessee's public college campuses becomes law

Bill allowing staff to be armed on Tennessee's public college campuses becomes law

Bitcoin's Shadowy Creator Reveals Himself—Maybe

Craig Wright comes forward as the real Satoshi Nakamoto

Flowers' Memory May Come From Mad Cow Disease Protein

Scientists from MIT are cautiously saying there's a chance that memories in flowers could form using the same proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease in humans. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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When Radiohead Goes Silent, The World Suspects A New Album

The English band recently wiped its internet presence clean.

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Man to be exonerated 50-plus years after wrongful conviction

More than forty years after being released from prison following a wrongful conviction in a New York City killing, a Virginia man is returning to a courtroom to be fully exonerated

We Just Got (A Lot) Closer To Finding Life On Other Planets

Three planets that could potentially hold life have been discovered. And the star they revolve around is key to learning more about them.

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Kit Harrington Issues Apology After Last Night's Episode of 'Game of Thrones'

Kit Harrington has issued an apology. Listen up 'Game of Thrones' fans, stop right now if you haven’t watched last night’s episode - spoilers ahead.

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Bill Clinton Calls FBI Probe Into Hillary's Emails 'A Game'

Former president's comments raise eyebrows.

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Woman: Jared Fogle Sent Me 'Horrifying' Prison Letter

Former girlfriend Brena Firkins reached out first