5 days ago

Selena Gomez Kygo Collab 'It Ain't Me' Released: ANOTHER Justin Bieber Diss Song?

The highly anticipated single from Selena Gomez and Kygo is official out! Cue the celebration. In the track, released late last night Selena sings over some electro beats lyrics including “I had a dream/We were sipping whisky neat/Highest floor, the bowery/And I was high enough/Somewhere along the lines/We stopped seeing eye to eye/You were staying out all night/And I had enough/No, I don’t wanna know where you been or where you’re going/But I know I won’t be home/And you’ll be on your own.” Now regardless of whether Selena hand a direct hand in writing these lyrics with the small team that worked on it, it can not be ignored that fact that if she was to get into the moment and make these words mean something she would have to be singing about Justin. And Justin cant seem to find a break this week with the Weeknd’s latest work as a featured artist on a new track called ‘SOME WAY.’